Friday 7th March 2014

So I'm finally taking the leap into blogging. After years of following the beauty and lifestyle community both through blogs and on Youtube I thought it was about time I built up the courage to join in (although I doubt I'll ever have enough confidence to star on Youtube!)

I suppose I should start by introducing myself, my names Amanda and I'm a final year Graphic Design student from Newcastle. With the scary reality of graduation looming just around the corner and the almost certainty of a long, jobless summer I thought it was the perfect time to get another hobby to keep myself busy! I fill my spare time with baking and experimenting with lots of crafty bits and bobs (some of which I hope to share with you here). But one of my ultimate favourite past times is trailing the 'bloggersphere' to find the best beauty and fashion 'must haves' as well as hunting down my own discoveries on the high street. I hope this little blog will prove to be the perfect platform to share with you what I find. 

So enough chit chat and onto the beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts (with perhaps a few baking bits sprinkled in too!)

I hope you come back and visit again soon.

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